"I'm going home. Don't get in my way!"

looking for a page in that lifeless book of hope

where a dream might help you cope


You've got questions, I've got answers.

What's the point of this site?

Nothing in particular, there aren't many Galerians fansite out on the webs, so I made one. To be honest I'm a Tajima Shou fan. I really hate shoujo, fluffy girly or cutesy stuff. Tajima does some pretty violent things, I mean he is the mangaka of MPD Psycho 'Nuff said. Honestly I played Galerians:Ash first, and recently replayed it. Galerians was fine, but the movie is just like zipping past all the battles straight to the cutscenes. Plus I have no idea where my PSX is or my copy of Galerians.

Who the hell are you?!

Excuse me, but who the hell are you and why should I care?!. Kidding. I'm Alicia. mid 20's. North Carolinian. Semi-techie nerd, girl gamer, cat lover, indie rock listener. Tajima Shou's artwork is so sexy. Now wasn't that random? Anywho, should you feel compelled to contact me, use the form. If there is anything else, my personal domain is AkiNoIroNET. Mil gracias.


Japanese: kazoku for family, keikaku for program. So yes, I came up with and bought this domain specifically for Tajima Shou love and Galerians-ness. I never wonder why my pocket is always empty. If you like the domain name and would like to host something (I'd love you forever if it was Galerians or Tajima Shou related), just go here.

May I use...

Please don't. If you see something here you like and want to share it, just link to the site but don't take anything. Scanning and ripping are two of the most boring, take up processor speed things in the world. I think it's cool enough to share with you guys, the stuff that I bought which means you're already kinda freeloading off me. I can track where hits are coming from, and if things are being redistributed, then I'll simply take them down.

You're kinda cool can we link exchange/affiliate/sibling site?

If you have a Tajima Shou or Galerians related site and want to be siblings or affies, well then my pretty, by all means. Other related sites with similar genres I'll at least link exchange, but if you want to be more than link exchanged, it never hurts to ask.


If you were wondering, the lyrics at the top of each page are from the awesome song Tranquilize by The Killers. Rion images came from my Galerians A Head scans. Textures are from Feel, Shizoo. Fonts used are Wolf's Rain and Ambulance Shotgun on the layout. Tahoma, Arial, Sans Serif, and Georgia for the actual content. Javascript popup generator script from Dynamic Drive. And not that I particularly give a shit, but this site is XHTML Valid.

I think that covers it folks. Bases should all be covered. If I missed anything contact me!