"Rion, you must not be deceived by those memories. I put those human memories in your head. It was I that gave you life. I am your God. Now, obey your Mother. "

hurried high from pestilence, pills & pride

it's a shame, we could have gone sailing

Okay so let me start by saying this is the Japanese version. Not the American version with the crappy heavy metal. It came with an awesome booklet, but all I could find was the CD, slightly scratched. This is what happens when you are constantly moving. Moving on the password is: filialpiety. You can listen to the OST and download the ones you want at DivShare.


1. Conversion 2. Rebirth 3. Short 01
4. Memory 5. Imitation of Human 6. Short 02
7. Unknown Eternity 8. Home 9. Flashback A
10. Rabit 11. Flashback B 12. I Can See Everything
13. Hostile feelings 14. Birdman 15. Letter
16. Connect 17. For Galerians Soul:Birdman 18. Native Arg
19. Rainheart 20. For Galerians Soul:Rainheart 21. Requiem of Galerians,A
22. Lilia 23. Rita 24. For Galerians Soul:Rita
25. Mushroom Tower 26. Encounter of Twin 27. Cain
28. For Galerians Soul:Cain 29. Dorothy 30. Heaven

This CD is kind of hard to find. Before the shipping and handling became absurd, I used to order from all the time. Currently, is the only site I can find that still carries this CD.